Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Weight Loss Challenge


Ok, So I'm tired of carrying around this extra weight from my last baby, so I am sarting my own weight loss challenge. I spent a ton of money on Nutrisystem and because of family situations (son being sick, etc), I have not used any of it yet. So I am challenging myself and you all get to benefit from it. I am starting on Sunday, August 17, 2008. I will be weighing myself every Sunday thereafter. For every pound lost in a given week, I will list a PIF of that amount (ie, 1 pound = 1 dollar, so if I loose 2 pounds it will be a product worth $2). This is a fun way for ya'll to get cute free stuff and for me to stay accountable. This challenge will go until Dec 15, at that time I will list ONE PIF worth the total amount of my weightloss (my goal is 145 and I am at 196ish right now). So the more weight I loose by then, the more value that PIF will have. I know you all want awesome free stuff, so if you see me start to slip, feel free to let me know to get my booty into gear!!!

Thanks for the support!!!!

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kim* said...

that is neat :)