Monday, July 28, 2008

GABE Update 2 - ACEOs Are Here!!!

Gabe got 3 aceos in the mail!!! He is so excited. We used them today and it was great. What we did today was have him describe the images on the aceos. It went really well. He was able to focus and explain the images as he saw them. As we progress I think it will be easier for him to make up stories based on the images.

Yay for day one with ACEOs!!!!

Friday, July 25, 2008

GABE update 1 - The Sketch Book

Yay!!! I took Gabriel to the store yesterday and got him his very first sketch book (he had been using computer paper and an old sketch book of mine). We also got him a new set of markers!!! He is so excited to have his own new art stuff. I swear, he spent a good hour and half just drawing and doodle-in around. He decided on 5 of his pictures so far to sell (for Project G.A.B.E.) - so I went ahead and listed them on Etsy. He was so proud to see his pictures up there. I am so happy for him.

And you should have heard him describing his pictures!!! When your child has so much trouble expressing himself.... You just can't imagine how much my heart soared listening to him. Hee put so much detail into describing what was going on in the pictures!!! It was amazing to hear him talk like that.

I think that this could be the best thing that has happened so far in helping him.

Here are his pictures:

Tic Tac Toe:


A House:

Black Hole:

I Love Mommy:

PROJECT G.A.B.E. (Giving Art, Becoming Enriched)

This is something new that I am doing for my son (it is named after him). As some of you know, my 5 yr old has a behavior disorder called oppositional defiance disorder. He does not understand his emotions and has trouble controlling his behavior. This causes him fits of anger, sadness and even violence. He is currently in a therapy program (and it is helping immensely) and we are starting to integrate ways for him to learn to control his own behavior - not just us controlling it for him. This therapy is based on creativity and art as a means to heal.

He also has 'quite time' everday where he sits with trading cards and tells out stories of how the characters are feeling. I love this form of therapy as it helps him identify emotions, but I am not happy with the trading cards currently on the market - most are violent and not appropriate for children with anger problems. So we are in the process of obtaining ACEOs for him to use instead. There are some wonderful, talented artists on Etsy who have offered to create ACEO sets for him to use and I could not be happier.

Project G.A.B.E. items are pictures that my son has made during his creativity time. He picked the ones that he is willing to 'share' (sorry, some of them are too important to him to let go). The money from his pictures will be used to purchase these wonderful ACEO sets.

All pictures are drawn/colored in his very own sketch book (his favorite thing) with crayola washable markers (scented, of course). My son titles all of the pictures. And although I write the titles and dates on the back, he signs them himself.

We have been so blessed by the kindness, compassion and support of fellow Etsians. I just want to say thank you to everyone!!! And a special thank you to those who donated ACEOs to aid in my son's therapy - I really appreciate it.

Thank you for taking time out to read this.

Please convo me(on Etsy) if you have any questions.

Please check out the artists who are creating these ACEO sets - they do amazing work.

Beth Peardon Prods:

Dawn Lewis Imagery:

For updated info on Project G.A.B.E. or for other Three of Wands happenings - Keep checking out my blog

Please - Support the Arts, it can make a world of difference!!!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Christmas Shopping List

this is the list so far!!! Can't wait to actually start buying!!!! Yay for Christmas!!! - but with a different saying

I Wish I May, I Wish I Might...

Want to get into the mind behind Three of Wands? Check it out here.

I know this is really LONG!!! Not just trying to be a selfish-face - I want to give as many awesome and talented etsians a shout out as possible!!!! Thanks for looking... and if you like an item (or seller) be sure to heart them - Show some Etsy love!!!

My Etsy Wish List: (in no particular order)
in urbanbotanical (or if not available - empressgarden or countrybrown) - whichever definition locket set a certain someone (cough, wink) thinks represents me or how they feel about me... lol...

any bath bombs by: - and all things from this shop!!! - among other cute finds in this shop!!! - very cute shop!!! I want it all

a cigarette case from:

Monday, July 7, 2008

Who, Where, What...

What the heck is going on with me? I finally got a sale!!! (yay), but now I feel even more pressured to make sales and make this a big thing. I love doing this, I love creating and I'm super excited to be incharge of my own working agenda. I did add new items which I am very proud of., but at the same time...