Saturday, June 14, 2008

New Etsy shop items for sale!!! OOAK

I posted new charms/embellishments for sale.

I also (finally) added my art work. I added 3 original, OOAK watercolor paintings.

I had sooo much fun painting them.

take a look at my sho and see for yourself:

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Etsy at Christmas Challenge Shopping List

Ok, Here is the list of people I need to shop for...

Mom, 1 gift: Loves mineral makeup, the color green and all things Irish.

Dad, 1 gift: Firefighter, loves all things Nascar and Spanish inspired, loves to read

Brother, 1 gift: Just moved into a new place, loves journaling.

Brother's girlfriend, 1 gift: very girly and spunky, cute dresser.

Mother-in-law, 1 gift: Loves bath/body products, purses and matching wallets, big, old-fashion jewelry.

Father-in-law, 1 gift: Retired army, loves all things military.

Sister-in-law, 1 gift: Late teens, in college, wears candy and toy inspired items

Sister-in-law's Fiance, 1 gift: Pseudo-hippie, loves cartoons

Brother-in-law, 1 gift: Loves beanies, scarves and bags, Loves fragrance.

Grandma, 1 gift: Nurse, loves nature, loves all things 'Noah's Ark.'

Grandpa, 1 gift: Preacher, Loves woodsy, outdoor decorations/items.

Grandma, 1 gift: Loves personalized items, loves items that represent her grandkids.

Grandma, 1 gift: Loves sequins and sparkles, loves cardigans, loves Asain inspired items.

Grandpa, 1 gift: Firefighter, loves all things Colts and 'Route 66.'

Son (will turn six 3 months after Christmas), 5 gifts: Loves super heroes, will be in kindergarten, at least one article of clothing (or jammies), at least one toy.

Daughter ( will turn four 2 weeks after Christmas), 5 gifts: Loves princesses and hair bows, at least one article of clothing (or jammies), at least one toy.

Son (will turn two 4 months after Christmas), 5 gifts: Loves 'lovies' or 'softies,' at least one article or clothing (or jammies), at least one toy.

Female friend, 1 gift: Loves faeries, magick and divination, loves bath/body products.

Male friend, 1 gift: Loves quirky, weird, nontraditional things, nothing religious.

'Niece' (will be 4 at Christmas), 1 gift: Loves princesses, hair bows and fairytales, does not need to be a toy.

'Nephew' (will be 6 at Christmas), 1 gift: Loves elmo, special needs child, does not need to be a toy.

Female friend, 1 gift: Loves dolphins and figurines.

'Nephew' (will turn three 4 months after Christmas), 1 gift: Loves trucks and tractors, needs to be a toy.

Female friend, 1 gift: Loves movie memorabilia, loves apple decorations, loves country motif.

Male friend, 1 gift: Loves beer and all things manly, and beer.

'Niece' (will be six 2 months after Christmas), 1 gift: Tomboy, loves books, will be in kindergarten, does not need to be a toy.

'Nephew' (will be four 2 months after Christmas), 1 gift: needs to be a toy.

Husband (this will be the hard one), 5 gifts: Military, total metal head, loves crazy random things, actually has a zombie escape plan (lol), at least one nice item, at least one fun item, at least one article of clothing, at least one romantic item.

I also 3 item for 'Secret Santa' drawings. 1 item must be under $10, must be unisex and this item needs to be fun or different. I then need 2 items under $20, one for a male, one for a female, can be nice or cute.

~~~~for more info please see 'Etsy at Christmas' Challenge blog~~~~

Monday, June 9, 2008

Etsy at Christmas Challenge

Calling all Etsians
I need your help and opinions...

This year for Christmas I have decided to purchase all handmade goods. This means tons of fun Etsy shopping!!!

I am calling this my 'Etsy at Christmas' Challenge (after the song 'Someday at Christmas').
I'm not sure if there is already a pledge or anything like this out there, as I am a newbie. But this is what I am doing and it is really important to me. I am boycotting corporate Christmas. I am trying to make Christmas what it is supposed to be - giving beautiful gifts with importance, that mean something, to show people I love them and truly thought of them this year.

I like to start my Christmas shopping early, instead of waiting until the last minute, so I will be starting my challenge NOW!!! To keep myself accountable (and to stave off any mall slipups), I will be keeping track on my blog and myspace. I will list the people I need to purchase gifts for, along with a short description. I will update gifts (along with seller info) as I make purchases.

If you have any good ideas or just want to show off an item, please let me know. I would love to see what items you love and hopefully find some great gifts too. Your suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Send all ideas and such to:

And while your at it, go ahead and see if you can do the 'Esty at Christmas' Challenge. Let's see if we all can go handmade this year!!!

Saturday, June 7, 2008 - Now offering Tarot readings


*Tarot Reading in General*

An important part of making good decisions is to know as much as you can about the situations that present themselves in your life. If your tarot reading is positive, then you know that your current life path is going well. By the same means, if your reading is negative, you know to choose a different path. You should already have an inkling as to what the cards are going to say, good or bad. The tarot is a means of guiding your decisions. However, the Tarot is not designed to make your decisions for you. When your cards are read it is important to look at the meaning, but also to look at your thoughts and feelings about the reading. Then make good decisions based on the information gained. Divination is nothing more than getting in touch with the Divine within all things.

*My Personal Feelings on Tarot*

Because Tarot cards do not belong to a religion and are merely divination tools, many people have different views on where their energy comes from.I personally, do not belive Tarot to be a means of 'fortune telling.' I believe that Tarot can and does give you insight into issues concering your life(past, present or future). But I also believe that a person can change their own life, no matter what the cards say. Tarot reading, for me, is a way to shed light on a situation, a way of focusing on said situation(whether known or unknown), developing new thoughts or ideas on said situation and ultimately learning how to direct your energy into positively changing or maintaining the situation. Tarot readings merely open your energy(body, mind and spirit) to new ways of thinking and help you apply that thinking in a fresh way.

*Where My Energy Comes From*

Everyone has energy within them and everyone has energy that is given to them in some way. This external energy can come from anywhere. Some people believe that their energy comes from spiritual or magical beings, whether angels, fairies, spirits(including deceased loved ones), higher powers, God, etc. Some people believe that their energy grows from contact with others; good(or bad) relationships, friends, children, etc. or even situations, i.e. having a good day boosts your energy.I personally believe that my energy comes from my guardian angels. They are the ones assigned to protect me and they are the ones I ask for insight from when learning about a situation.

*How I Do a Tarot Reading*

Everyone has different views and 'rituals' when it comes to doing a reading. There is no right or wrong answer for this, it is just what comes naturally for a reader.My readings are done in my 'sanctuary.' A calm, quiet space where I can go to be alone and focus on my cards and my energy.

I DO LIGHT WHITE CANDLES(to cleanse my space)
I DO CLEANSE MY DECK WITH ROSE QUARTZ BETWEEN READINGS(to seperate energy from different readings)
I DO USE A CLOTH(to help my cards and energy 'flow')

I DO NOT LET MY CARDS TOUCH THE GROUND(out of respect and purity)

*More Tarot Info*

If you are uncomfortable in anyway with my personal feelings on Tarot, the way I cleanse my space, the way I do readings or anything else, please, DO NOT request a Tarot reading. I'm not trying to be rude, but a reading is to help you gain insight on your life and if my way is not comfortable for you, your reading WILL NOT BE ACCURATE. This is not about making a buck, this is about helping you gain insight so that you can meditate(or pray) and ultimately help you find new ways to fix a situation.


Monday, June 2, 2008

To Purchase Handmade, in a nutshell

I made my first Etsy purchase today!!!

I am so excited. Normally I hate speding money on toys and such, but my daughter was checking out the site with me and fell absolutely in love with a mermaid toy. So I just had to get it for her. And you know what? I felt exhilarated and totally justified in doing so. It feels really good to buy handmade. It feels really good knowing that my daughter will have a beautiful plaything that someone cared enough to actually make, instead of send it down an assembly line. It feels special knowing that she loves something (or will love something, we just ordered it today) that someone else lovingly created.

She watches me work and loves to 'help' mommy, but she doesn't quite understand what I am doing. She is only three, but I hope to instill in her the love and importance of handmade goods. When her new lovey arrives I'm going to tell her how it was created just for her, by someone who knew she would love it very much...

If you would like your own 'Free-Range Mermaid' (made from organic cotton) - please visit:

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Cleanse Your Space Already

Within the next week I will be adding a 'mini sanctuary' to our product listings. I am really excited for this item and can't wait to share it with you all. It will include items that will cleans and purify your prayer, meditation, tarot or even just your 'quite time' space.

This is NOT a spell. It is a means to get you in the frame of mind for quiet, inner spirit personal time.

Check back soon to see when it will be available