Saturday, May 31, 2008

I'm Not the Only Creative One (a.k.a. Starting My Store)

~~~~My Intro to Etsy~~~~

So, I'm creative. I pride myself on being creative and artistic. I love to make jewelry, atc's, bath and body products, paitings, dolls, etc. You name it, I love to make it. So I decided to start an Etsy store to sell some of my creations. I looked at the site, did some research, basically tried to get a feel for the site and how it works. To my astonishment, the products are amazing. I was in awe of some of these people's creativity and talent. There are some absolutely beautiful pieces for sale. Now, I'm like, ok, so who's gonna want my stuff? I mean, I want my stuff. I love my pieces. I make things that inspire and move me. Things that I am drawn to. I just hope others are drawn to my work as well.

~~~~My Inspiration~~~~

I love religion and spirituality, folk lore and fairy tales. I think that a person's beliefs are so personal and so beautiful. I strive to create things that help bring out a person's hopes and dreams, beliefs, fears, even the depths of their spirituality. I think all religious cultures have great meaning and ideas, so I try to include as many different religious pieces in my line as possible. I love studying the tarot, runes, herbal well-being, the bible and chakras. I love doing tarot readings. I feel such a connection to myself as a reader and the person I am reading for. I currently read from 3 decks, The Llewellyn Tarot, The Tarot Discovery Deck and The Vannessa Tarot. I make rune sets and will have some up for sale soon. I love my rune sets because I actually use runes. I understand the importance and history behind runes. When I make my runes, I craft each stone by hand and lovingly imagine the meaning into each stone. This helps the set focus properly during a reading. I find the more you practice with and use rune sets, you can tell which sets were created with the meanings in mind, and which were just thrown together to make a sale.

~~~~What You Will Find In My Store~~~~

Religious and spiritual jewelry
Rune sets
Sari bags
Single use spells and divination sets
Trinket boxes
Tarot and rune bags
Worry dolls
Herbal bath and body products
Herbal teas
Chakra sets

I am learning to make incense, so check back often to see when it will be available for purchase.